Project Month

The ABCD-ReproNim Project Month will be held virtually on April 4 - April 29, 2022. We invite all ABCD-ReproNim Students, ABCD-ReproNim alumni, and anyone from the ABCD community to join us! If you are interested in attending Project Month please join us at our Kickoff event Monday, April 4th, at 4pm EDT/1pm PDT in Room 400 of the ABCD-ReproNim Gather.Town (password: Welcome2022Students).

If you would like to take part in Project Month you can Register Here by Friday, April 8th, 2022. Please note that only individuals who have obtained ABCD data access and have provided us with confirmation of their Data Use Certifications (DUCs) will be able to participate in Project Month.

Propose a Project: Do you have a project idea that you want to work on during Project Month? Propose your project idea here!

Project Week Schedule: You can also view the schedule for Project Month on the ABCD-ReproNim Google Calendar. Here is some additional information on what to expect during Project Month!

Resources for Project Month:

• Our virtual meeting place for Project Month will be on Gather.Town. The password to join has been emailed to you. Feel free to use this space to meet with your project team as needed or to virtually hang out with others during the week (there’s a game room!) All presentations will be held in the lecture hall marked as room 400 in the Gather.Town space. The lecture hall is located all the way to the right of your screen when you enter.

• Project teams will be communicating primarily via private channels in the ABCD-ReproNim Slack. If you are attending Project Month please send us a message so that we can add you to the appropriate Project Week Slack channels.

• Project teams are welcome to use the ABCD-ReproNim JupyterHub for all computation during Project Month!

• Please check out our Project Month Outline and Project Month FAQ for more information about Project Month.

• If you haven’t already please take a look at our Project Month Prep Data Exercises. Our team wrote these so that students would have a reference to work from when building their own code and pipelines for their Project Month projects.

• We expect all students participating in Project Month to adhere to our ABCD-ReproNim Code of Conduct


Do you have a question about Project Month? Check out our FAQ or send us a message.