Week 1

Jan 10 2022    
Week 1: Drs. Angie Laird, Jessica Bartley, and David Kennedy introduce the ABCD-ReproNim course, the ABCD Study, and ReproNim - a center for Reproducible Neuroimaging Computation.
Help and Resources: If you have questions about this week's material please post them to the ABCD-ReproNim Neurostars or the ABCD-ReproNim Slack.
Week 1 Assignments:

Pre-Course Survey: We would like for all students to complete our Pre-Course Survey so that we will have metrics with which to measure our success at the conclusion of ABCD-ReproNim. Please complete the Pre-Course Survey before viewing the Week 1 videos.

Week 1 Data Exercise: Each week, ABCD-ReproNim students will complete a data exercise to reinforce course content while developing practical skills. This week we ask that students complete a short quiz to confirm that they are able to access course materials. This quiz also addresses topics covered in the Week 1 lecture videos. Please complete the Week 1 Quiz after viewing the Week 1 videos. Solutions for this week’s data exercise can be found on our GitHub

ABCD Data Access Confirmation: In order to access ABCD Study data you will need to obtain a Data Use Certification (DUC) from the NDA. We provide instructions on how to obtain ABCD data access to help with this process. Once you have an approved DUC please complete our ABCD Data Access Confirmation. Note that you do not need to have ABCD data access in order to take this course. This assignment is optional and does not count towards completion of the course. However, students who do not successfully complete this assignment will not be allowed to participate in Project Month.

Instructor Question and Answer Webcast Recording

Recorded in 2020. Note that course-related announcement made during this recording may be out of date. Please see the top of this page for 2022 Course announcements.

Week 1 Q&A Doc: Click here for written answers to the Q&A Doc.

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