Week 11

Mar 21 2022    


Week 11 Data Exercise: This week we ask that students complete a Data Exercise that asks questions about data visualization and well as ReproPub, the re-executable paper. Please complete the Week 11 Data Exercise after viewing the Week 11 videos. Solutions for this week’s data exercise can be found on our GitHub

Project Month Prep Data Exercise 2: Downloading the ABCD imaging data: We are happy to release the second part of a three part series of Project Month Prep Data Exercises that provide step-by-step walkthroughs of how to download, inspect, visualize, and work with the ABCD 4.0 data release. The second Project Month Prep Exercise focuses on how to download imaging data from the ABCD 4.0 Dataset. Next week we will release the last Project Month Prep Data Exercise that will focus on analyzing ABCD data using a clustering technique.

Project Month Schedule and Registration: The ABCD-ReproNim Project Month (April 4-29, 2022) is right around the corner! Here is some information on the planned schedule of events and what to expect. ABCD-ReproNim students are invited to participate in project Month if they have an active ABCD Data Access Confirmation and have completed at least 70% of the Main Course weekly Data Exercises (or 80% or the AI/ML Course Data Exercises). If you would like to take part in Project Month please fill out our Project Month Registration Form.

ABCD Data Access Confirmation: In order to access ABCD Study data you will need to obtain a Data Use Certification (DUC) from the NDA. We provide instructions on how to obtain ABCD data access to help with this process. Once you have an approved DUC please complete our ABCD Data Access Confirmation. Note that you do not need to have ABCD data access in order to take this course. This assignment is optional and does not count towards completion of the course. However, students who do not successfully complete this assignment will not be allowed to participate in Project Month.

ABCD-ReproNim JupyterHub Access Request: ABCD-ReproNim students with active DUCs can access to the new ABCD-ReproNim JupyterHub, a cloud-based scientific computing platform that is fully accessible through an internet browser (see this link for details about the JupyterHub project!) This document introduces the ABCD-ReproNim JupyterHub, how to access it, and outlines some basic usage rules. Students can use the Hub to work on Data Exercises and perform ABCD data analysis projects during the course. ABCD-ReproNim staff will grant access to students with active DUCs who submit an Access Request. Students without an active NDA Data Use Certification are invited to follow the instructions here where they can access the same computational environment locally via Docker.

AI/ML Course: If you are taking the parallel AI/ML Course you can view the videos for Week 4 here. If you would like to take the AI/ML Course then please make sure to register so we can add you to our AI/ML Course email list. Please note: we recommend that students first complete the main 12-week Course before beginning the 5-week AI/ML Course.

Instructor Question and Answer Webcast Recording

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Week 11 Q&A Doc: Click here for written answers to the Q&A Doc.

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