Week 13

If you missed the final ABCD-ReproNim Q&A Session (held on Feb 26, 2021), in which our wonderful students gave pitches for each of the projects for Project Week, you can watch the reply of it here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/zTOleP0JIqo

If you plan to participate in Project Week make sure to attend this session! ABCD-ReproNim students who proposed projects will make pitches describing their ideas and what they hope to accomplish over Project Week. We will be asking all Project Week participants to join a project team for Project Week and this is your chance to see what projects are available to help with! If you cannot attend live then that’s OK – we will post a recording of the Q&A on this page after it airs.

Resources for Project Week:

Please check out our Project Week Outline and Project Week FAQ

Here is a presentation about what to expect going into Project Week and how to prepare.